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               The Landscape around Lokichoggio.            Looking down the road away from my house.      Looking down the road toward my house.



                            Downtown Loki.                        The main road through Loki to Sudan.                 One of the places I shop.


Lokichokio, also Lokichoggio or Lokichogio, is a town in the Turkana District of northwestern Kenya. It is often called Loki.  It is about 30 kilometers from the international border with Sudan and is was host to the UN offices, part of the Operation Lifeline Sudan program during the Sudan war.

Loki is the outermost Kenyan town on the border with Sudan. Kenyans from the south, however, maintain that Lodwar, which is about 200 kilometers south, is the last truly "Kenyan" town in the region. At the north end of Loki, beyond the "dry river bed", the Kenyan military has set up a border checkpoint. This is considered the "true" border between Kenya and Sudan. Beyond this point lies a road leading to Nadapal, the Sudanese checkpoint which is about thirty kilometers away. The area known as "no-man's land" is situated between these two checkpoints.

In the above pictures you can see that there are electrical lines that have been installed throughout the town.  The conversation has been that there will be electricity in Loki soon.  This is a conversation that has been going on for a couple of years or more.  We don't have it yet but I am still hopeful.





                  My church in Loki.                The church was constructed about a year ago.                Worship/Prayer time.



                 Our congregation.                                    Our Pastors.                         Mother Assembly (women leaders).





In March 2010, gospeltecture joined with Eleos Project to repair a hand pump in Maasai Land.  gospeltecture provided the pump repair tools donated by a Life Group from Community of Grace in Colorado.  The pump had been broken since November 2009.  Now that the pump is repaired it will provide water for the local primary school and the community.



We have repaired the well at the church.  Our first step was to build a fence around the pump to protect it from vandalism and the goats. 

Here are pictures of when some of the women from the church were working on the fence. 



After one of the few rains, this is where some of the people in the community would get their water. Most of the time Loki is dry and hot with no rain for months. We can all understand how many problems can come from this water source.



The women of the church are always willing to help. There are few men that attend our church. The women are very active in ministry teaching in the community two times each week.




We removed the hand pump, chlorinated the borehole, repaired the cylinder, added two new pipes and then reinstalled the pump. There were two members of the community that do not attend our church that helped when we reinstalled the pump. The following Sunday one of the men came to church and gave a testimony.

gospeltecture wants to thank Allen Pike, a local borehole contractor for his donation of some new pipes for our hand pump.





gospeltecture, with the help of the church, has brought clean water to the community.

The church has formed a water committee and has committed to use this water point as a witness to help lead people to Christ.  



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